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BuddyPress panel included.

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Studio is all about making your content the king

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With studio and BuddyPress you get extra features such as this sliding panel above this section - click it open and you will see what a great feature it is.

You can feature content easily using Studio

Google font directory built in

Fonts Studio has a great feature allowing you to use google's font directory to take fonts in a site to the next level.

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Simple SEO built in

Simple SEO is our easy SEO built into the theme to give you global title, meta dn keywords along with google analytics.

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Theme options built in

Studio has amazing theme options allowing you to literally create your own home page layout. Just pick a section and say yes then fill your content.

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News and blogs included

Blog Studio comes with a great news and blogging template. Simply create a new page and select is as a template.

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Colour your theme

Studio comes with 4 built in theme combinations and colour pickers to allow you to create your own.

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Get the kitchen sink

No framework - you own the parent, child and everything just like it should be when you buy a theme.

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